Posts for 2017/08

Sam Harris and Gavin de Becker: Living With Violence

2017-08-28 podcast sam-harris parenting

Sam Harris speaks with Gavin de Becker about the primacy of human intuition in the prediction and prevention of violence.

Makefile to pre-process downloaded podcasts

2017-08-26 bookmarks code

I recently updated my podcast pre-processing script to Python 3.6 & the multiprocessing.Pool module and then a few days later realized the whole thing would be much better as a simple Makefile

The goal is to:

  1. reduce filesize of podcasts (192kbit/s is overkill for spoken word!)
  2. normalize the volume and convert to mono (easier to listen to when riding/running and it's windy)
  3. speed up playback (people talk too slow!)
  4. strip tags (so my dinky mp3 player doesn't put the podcasts into different "folders")
  5. Source:


This American Life #622 - Who You Gonna Call?

2017-08-25 podcast

Bob Fass Wait a minute, wait a minute. Before you say goodbye, give us like -- it takes about 20 minutes to trace a call, and you haven't been on the phone with us for three minutes yet.

Suicidal Caller You telling me the truth?

Bob Fass I'm telling you the truth. It takes about 20 minutes to trace a call. I know, because we tried to --

Suicidal Caller Why does it take so long?

Bob Fass Because the telephone company is more messed up than your life is, and they're not about to commit suicide.

Getting new posts from friends on Facebook with Selenium

2017-08-16 posts python code

I made a little script that uses Selenium to create a single page containing all the new posts from my Facebook friends.

This lets me see everything that is posted without having to seek it out and wade through the ads and other things Facebook is trying to recommend to me.

The output is currently very rough, but it'll do for now - in particular, it just screenshots the post, rather than trying to extract the content and re-render it.