An attempted rebuild

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Since only the fuselage of the AXN floater was mashed in the crash, and the wings were still ok, I decided to try and rebuild the plane as a "stick".


Building it was fun: Lots of work with cable-ties and hot-glue, the wings are held together with a plywood sandwich and attached to the stick with rubber bands.


I had to resolder the ESC-to-motor wires to reverse the motor from push to pull, and even though the receiver antenna is completely missing, it seems to get an adequate range.


Unfortunately, I think the end result was a bit too heavy and unbalanced and flying it didn't go so well.

The first attempt was abandonded due to wind before something went too wrong, and on the second attempt it nose-dived into the ground shortly after launch. The result was a broken prop and busted bit of plywood that was keeping the wing level and straight. At that point, I decided to give it a miss move on with a new model and the quad-copter.

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