Homepage archive

An archive of the homepage designs I have managed to resurrect.
Naturally a huge number of the links on these pages will now be defunct and they may well render differently in modern browsers.
Where possible I've tweaked the pages to fix any issues and replaced CGI generated content with static content.

31st January 1997
Animated GIFs!
23rd May 1999
Text, generated from VFP database.
16th June 1999
CSS! Still generated from VFP database.
18th June 1999
Generated with Perl from XML.
17th July 1999
Generated from XML by CGI Perl script. Snapshot from 29th July 1999.
29th July 1999
Macromedia FireWorks sliced image as template.
30th July 1999
Snapshot from 11th November 1999.
13th November 1999
Snapshot from 4th December 1999.
5th December 1999
Snapshot from 22nd December 1999.
29th March 2000
Cached generation, XML to HTML via template.xml

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